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Soil Testing 
If youíre looking for a healthy garden or green grass, itís good to know the content of your soil. UT Extension offers inexpensive soil tests, and itís all done in a special lab in Nashville.

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Gourmet Food Safety 
We all want good-tasting foods, but what we eat also has to be safe. UTís Institute of Agriculture works with producers statewide in food safety programs.

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Preventing Nitrate Toxicity in Cattle 
UT experts talk about the danger of nitrate toxicity and how you can prevent it on your farm.

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Nursery Industry 
Tennessee is a top producer of ornamental plants. The nursery industry here is concentrated in a very specific part of our state, known for a mild climate and growing beautiful trees and shrubs.


Recent Publications

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Freeway Capping: Capping Nashville's I-40 South Loop to Connect Downtown and Midtown Payne, M. J.  2012.  M.S. Thesis.

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