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Art Ragauskas
Assistant Professor

Groups and Facilities

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Wildlife Health 
Emerging infectious diseases, including those that travel from animals to humans.

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Ag & Food Security 
Training industry and government to prevent terrorist acts targeting the ag and food sector.



In Knoxville, Meet Dennis Deyton, Department of Plant Sciences, 3/16/2016

I AM UTIA -- In Knoxville, Meet Joe Sarten, PE, 12/9/2015


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A recent report says the U.S. could produce a billion tons of biofuel materials each year, without impacting food supplies. We are working on ways to produce biomass and alternative fuels.

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River Cleanup 
Agriculture students worked to clean up the Tennessee River and some of its tributaries of plant growth and trash.

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Hosta Garden 
The UT Gardens in Knoxville now features a new section devoted to Hostas where you can see hundreds of varieties. Take a tour of the hosta garden and meet the lady who made it possible.

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Stocker Cattle 
Beef cattle farming is Tennessee’s top agricultural commodity. Some producers provide a valuable service by running “stocker” or “backgrounding” operations.

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Partially restoring the chestnut tree may happen in our lifetime.

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Mastitis Research 
Dairy farmers face many challenges – including a disease that threatens their cattle and the quality of their milk. AgResearch and Extension team up with producers to fight this problem.


Recent Publications

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