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Tyson Brant Raper
Assistant Professor
Cotton and small grain production

Michele Sides
Director of Advancement



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Bottle Art at UT Gardens Jackson 
More than 6,000 bottles were used to create this stunning garden display!

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Cotton Gin 
We know it as the fabric of our lives. Cotton is everywhere - found in clothing, upholstery and even food and money. But we need a way to get cotton from the field to the manufacturing plant.

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Turtle Research 
University of Tennessee Turtle research in West Tennessee


Recent Publications

A new dollar spot disease of turfgrass caused by Clarireedia paspali Hu, J., Y. Zhou, J. Geng, Y. Dai, H. Ren, and K. H. Lamour.  2019.  Mycological Progress. [Abstract]

Effects of Enhanced Efficiency Urea on No-tillage Corn Yields and Profit Larson, J. A., X. Zhou, C. Boyer, X. Yin, M. A. McClure, H. J. Savoy, and M. E. Essington.  2019.  University of Tennessee Extension Publication, W 828. [Abstract]

Crossmodal correspondence between wine aroma and visual cues.  Heatherly, M., M. Foley, J. P. Munafo, and C. R. Luckett.  2018.  Chemical Senses, Volume 43, Issue 4, 23 April 2018, Pages e1–e136. [Abstract]

Contribution of Agriculture to Jackson County, W592.  Hughes, D. W., H. E. Wright, S. Upendram, R. J. Menard, A. Smith, B. C. English, and K. L. Jensen.  2018.  University of Tennessee, Dept of Ag. & Resource Economics.

Essay in Environmental Spillover of US Crop Insurance on Surface Water, Agricultural and Geographical Effects On Surface Water Impairment, and A Hypothetical Irrigation Game in Madison Co., TN.  K. N. Pasaribu  2018.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Cotton Focus this Thursday, February 8th, at FUMC in Downton Jackson.  Raper, T. B.  2018.  Growing Tennessee.

Tennessee: Cotton Focus Meeting, Jackson, Feb. 8.  Raper, T. B.  2018.  AgFax.

Cotton Focus February 8th at FUMC in Downton Jackson.  Raper, T. B.  2018.  Growing Tennessee.

REMINDER: Cotton Focus THIS THURSDAY, Feb 8th @ FUMC in Downtown Jackson 6 Feb 2018.  Raper, T. B.  2018.  news.utcrops.com 6 Feb 2018.

Cotton Focus February 8th at First United Methodist Church in Downtown Jackson.  Raper, T. B.  2018.  news.utcrops.com 23 Jan 2018.

Profitability of Enhanced Efficiency Urea Fertilizers in No-Tillage Corn Production Zhou, X., J. A. Larson, X. Yin, H. J. Savoy, M. A. McClure, M. E. Essington, and C. Boyer.  2018.  Agronomy Journal, 110:1439–1446. [Abstract]

Selecting Cotton Yield Response Function to Estimate Profit-Maximizing Potassium Fertilization Rates for Cotton Production in Tennessee Harmon, X., C. Boyer, C. O. Gwathmey, J. A. Larson, and R. K. Roberts.  2017.  Journal of Plant Nutrition, 40,11:1547-1556. [Abstract]