Herbicide Research

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Robert M. (Bob) Hayes
Director and Professor
Weed Science

Groups and Facilities

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Weed Diagnostics Center 
Diagnostic testing for weeds of crop and non-crop systems including turfgrass, ornamentals, and utility rights of way.

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Turfgrass Weeds 
Turfgrass weed management recommendations and publications.



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Weed Research 
A climate that's good for a variety of crops means many types of weeds also thrive. UT AgResearch works to help farmers battle this yearly problem that can greatly affect their yields.

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Sweet corn 
UT AgResearchers applied herbicides to experimental sweet corn to keep weeds away. But something unexpected happened -- they boosted the nutritional value of the corn.

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Weed Progress 
Weeds are a nuisance to gardeners, but downright devastating to those who farm for a living. But now experts and farmers say the worst may be behind us.

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Nozzle Selection 
Nozzle selection has been simplified over the years, but different types of nozzles are needed for different situations.

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Weed Olympics 
We've had an Olympic competition here in Tennessee involving ... plants. More specifically, plants we don't like or want. It's called the 'Weed Olympics' on the UT agriculture campus.


Recent Publications

Using groundcover to Outcompete Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea ) without outcompeting tree seedlings on a legacy mine site.  Aldrovandi, M., and J. A. Franklin.  2018.  Proceedings of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, St. Louis, MO, June 3-7, 2018. [Abstract]

Smooth crabgrass control in bermudagrass with autumn applications of dinitroaniline herbicides.  Breeden, G. K., J. T. Brosnan, T. W. Gannon, S. R. Brinton, and P. J. Maxwell.  2018.  Proc. Southern Weed Science Society, (in press).

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