Crapemyrtle Research

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Crapemyrtle Bark Scale 


Recent Publications

Crapemyrtle bark scale now in Middle Tennessee.  Hale, F. A.  2017.  Cultivate, The magazine of the state botanical garden of Tennessee. UTGardens, UTIA, Fall/Winter.

Evaluation of Genetic Diversity and Pedigree within Crapemyrtle Cultivars Using Simple Sequence Repeat Markers.  Wang, X., P. A. Wadl, C. Pounders, R. N. Trigiano, R. I. Cabrera, B. E. Scheffler, M. R. Pooler, and T. A. Rinehart.  2011.  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci, 136:116-128.