Biotechnology Research

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Mohammad R. (Reza) Hajimorad
Associate Professor
Plant viruses

Lori D. Osburn
Greenhouse Manager
Greenhouse Manager

Avat Shekoofa
Assistant Professor
Water Stress and Irrigation of Agronomic Crops

Robert N. (Bob) Trigiano
Cell/tissue culture of ornamentals

Groups and Facilities

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Plant Biotechnology 
Supporting advanced research, collaboration, and sharing.

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UTIA Greenhouses 
High tech facilities help support agricultural research

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Insect Physiology 
Studying the physiology of the insect gut and characterizing its interactions with invading microbes.



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Development of Novel DNA-Based Methods for Detection of Bt Resistant Fall Armyworms, 5/31/2018

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Dr. Bree Dell to Speak on Bushmeat in Uganda, 9/19/2017

Dr. Neelam Poudyal to Speak on Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, 9/14/2016

New Ventures | Creative Agricultural Technologies, LLC, 2/25/2016

Power Plant, 2/25/2016


Recent Publications

Liu, Y., C.N. Stewart, Jr. 2019. An exposure-based risk assessment model for GM plants. Plant Biotechnology Journal 17: 1859-1861.  Liu, Y, and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2019.  Plant Biotechnology Journal.

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